About Us

Today, brides want a unique event for their wedding day, and destination weddings are the key to unlock a beautiful experience to share with family and friends; an experience that will last long past the ceremony, and become a lifelong memory to be held and shared forever. I, myself, was one of those brides. When I began to plan my own destination wedding, my excitement quickly turned to despair as I realized the difficulty finding all the information. I needed in one simple, transparent platform. However, I was not alone. Thousands of other brides had formed groups online to share their information and help each other out, but it meant filtering through thousands of posts and still not being able to hone in on the pricing, venue, and location that was right for me. I couldn't believe this information wasn’t streamlined in one place! I saw a need, born out of my own struggles and those of others around me, and I set out to build a platform which will save future brides countless hours of research when planning their destination wedding. That’s how The Future Mrs. was born.

The Future Mrs. is an online resource and community for brides to discover, plan and book their destination wedding. TFM is the first and only website that allows brides to search wedding venues, download pricing packages, and contact onsite wedding coordinators with one click. The Future Mrs. is designed to help couples save time and money.

The Future Mrs. will be the first destination wedding transactional marketplace in the wedding industry so couples will be able to book all of their vendors in one place including: venue, photographer, planner, makeup and hair artists, videographers, and more! The destination wedding market that's growing rapidly suffers from lack of technology, innovation, and transparency, and The Future Mrs. aims to meet the challenges of filling in the gaps.