Silent Waters Villa Wedding Venue

Silent Waters Villa

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Silent Waters Villa is one of the most glamorous private homes in the Caribbean. It is distinguished by world-class architecture and design, breathtaking location, and exquisite accommodations and service. The owners desired a destination that would accommodate affluent clientele while providing the highest level of privacy, intimacy and security - for their guests as well as for themselves. Twelve buildings are carefully positioned on 16.5 acres of the most lavish gardens, tranquil ponds and breathtaking views. Five villa suites are each positioned in such a way as to prevent seeing the other villas. Each suite has its own sundeck, sitting room, bathroom, wet bar, telephone, TV, radio, etc. and is heavily (and exotically) landscaped to provide an atmosphere of the utmost privacy and beauty. The Owner's Villa...A Private Haven Sought by Newlyweds For the ultimate in privacy and luxury, the Owner's Villa was designed with every detail in mind to run smoothly and independently of the remaining property. In addition to a breathtaking 330 degree view of Montego Bay, the ocean and the mountains, the Owner's Villa has its own infinity-edge swimming pool, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, large dual indoor/outdoor shower, waterfall, sundeck and elegant glass dining table for intimate dinners. The privacy gate located at the bottom of the beautifully landscaped walkway up to the Owner's Villa provides guests staying in this villa complete privacy. Staff is aware that when the gate is closed, they must not disturb the guests. As independent and self-sufficient as the Owner's Villa is, it is never rented to parties other than the same group renting the balance of the villa property.

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Montego Bay
River Road, Great River Private, Montego Bay, Jamaica
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Silent Waters Villa Wedding Venue Silent Waters Villa Wedding Venue Silent Waters Villa Wedding Venue Silent Waters Villa Wedding Venue